Our Services

Better Living Support provides domiciliary care services and strives to act as a bridge between vulnerability and full self-sufficiency, ensuring that each Service User receives the best outcome possible given for their unique circumstances.  

Personal Care

Our team will help the individual with personal hygiene– bathing, showering, washing their hair, cleaning nails and feet, oral hygiene, and toilet visits.  

Administration of Medications

If a service user has medicine requirements, our team will help administer the medication if needed.  

There are 6 different ways of administrating medicine:   

  • Orally – means by swallowing the medicine.   
  • Rectal – Used as a suppository by people who are unable to swallow  
  • Inhalation is the process of taking the medicine as an aerosol spray, powder, or mist –such as with an asthma inhaler.  
  • Nebulization – resembles inhalation in that the medicine is delivered in the form of a fine mist.   
  • Transdermal – which is similar to a patch that has been mixed with a chemical to allow it to enter the body and bloodstream without breaking the skin.  
  • Injection – which is when medicine is injected into the body through 4 different sites: intrathecal (into the spine), subcutaneous (under the skin), intravenous (into a vein) and intramuscular (into a muscle).  

Preparation of meals

Our staff can prepare meals ranging from heating leftovers to cooking from scratch. We accommodate a wide range of dietary preferences and needs. Our team will work with the client and their families to plan meals, create shopping lists and purchase ingredients, serve and cook delicious food at the service user’s home.  


Socializing can be difficult especially during these COVID times; however, our team will be there for you and listen to you. Our group will offer emotional and moral support.

General Housekeeping

We understand how difficult it can be to keep a home clean and tidy, so to make sure the individual is in a pleasant and comfortable environment, our care workers will assist in making sure the individual is in a pleasant and comfortable environment.  

Medical Appointments

We will assist you in getting to and from your appointments, as well as accompany you during visits.  

We provide services to people with both visible and invisible disabilities. We want to make sure that anyone who requires assistance can get it.